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Mahima Lucille Klinge

7 Sessions
Mahima is the founder of Love Silence, a self-mastery platform that empowers professionals to find clarity, passion, and focus. Now in her 22th year of mindset training and teaching, Mahima has travelled the world giving innovative workshops that leave people feeling confident, energized, and fired up for success in all areas of their lives.

Source Vibrations

18 Sessions
1 Journeys
For over 10 years we have produced music in the ambient and sound healing genres. Using brainwave entrainment technology, specific frequencies and tuning methods, we have created a vast array of meditation and sound therapy audio programs. The Source Vibrations team has a profound appreciation for deep science and spirituality, seeking to integrate neuro-acoustics (the science of sound’s effects on the brain) for consciousness evolution. We use sacred geometry in our sound design and composition methods, integrating the golden mean, universal harmonics, solfeggio frequencies and the Verdi tuning to create acoustic tools for healing and meditation. This has lead to the development of a number of techniques that have become an integral part of our composition process and has distinguished our company in the field of sound healin...

Genevieve Laquerre

11 Sessions
5 Journeys
Passionate about life and optimizing human potential, Genevieve has travelled the world over the past 10 years to inspire and empower people to breathe better, slow down, find their essence and improve their lives and their business. Her teachings carry different roots of wisdom stemming from yoga, natural medicine, transformational breathwork, conscious communication and shamanic studies. Founder at NAI’A Project. Her mantra: Love prevails.