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  • “I am forever grateful to the Mindbliss team because I can wholeheartedly say that they changed and saved my life. After trying many “top” meditation apps and even attending meditation classes - it *finally* clicked for me when I came across the Mindbliss App! There’s a special pinch of magic in this meditation app that no other one has. Trust me on this! Their collection is amazing, it’s visually appealing, super easy to use, and I love the favorites option, I utilize the heck out of that! Thank you Mindbliss!”
    Kelly Louise
  • I used to use headspace and thought it was a great app until I tried this one. Omg! So much better. Exactly what I was looking for to help me with my meditation practice. Thank you!
    Amanda Heslinge
  • “This is the only meditation app thats really helped me open myself more & embrace all aspects of life & relax. On top of the endless categories they have to heal all challenges, they have tons of session varieties (spoken, sound waves, chants & mantras) & authors that fit your needs. They are my go to whenever I need to center myself. Basically, in short, I love this app & grateful for the creators because its changed my life!”
    Tysherra Dixon
  • “I love this app. So much content, so many different types of recordings that can enhance your mindscape. I think it's affordable and worth the money. I used to use YouTube, but I don't like the ads or the fact that some entrainment videos are nefarious... like inserting sounds that can give you headaches, etc. I trust this company and have had great experiences with their content.”
    Candiace Terry
  • “This is possibly the best app I have, it is very easy to use and I truly enjoy each meditation. I feel like I really have invested in my self and the world around me. I am learning to do a better job of taking care of myself, I really feel like a million bucks thanks to mindbliss!”
    Dacia Parker Delamure
  • I really like your app! Stress level is WAY down and my meditation practice has become more beneficial these past few weeks. Joyous journeys to all! 🙏🏻
    Rick Perrelet
    Air Force Veteran
  • Mindbliss is the ONLY app that has really helped me change my life. I was truly despondently depressed and couldn't see a way out. It took a few years and a heck of a lot of personal work, but I see a light now - and it has been inside of me all along.
    Paul Beaudoin
  • A life changing app, you need to experience it.
    Orlando Watson
  • Absolutely the best. My go to for centering and healing!
    Angela Jean
  • Falling more and more in love with this experience! Thank you for creating this!
    Ana Mantilla
  • This app really helped me with my quality of sleep and stress levels. Before making it part of my routine, anxiety and poor sleep were a daily obstacle. I can now run my business with a much clearer and more focused mind, from the convenience of my iPhone!
    Jonathan Naccache
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